About the Sound Shack

On this website you will find a full breakdown of our production stages dating from Week 1 to Week 8 of creating the Sound Shack. Our production breakdown includes all production stages from designing the set to shooting the videos.


The Sound Shack was created by a Foundation Degree Level 5 group consisting of Daniel Ball, Morgan Breeze, Lewis Deacon, Matthew Guthrie and Josef Hampson.

Our Roles within the project were as follows

Daniel Ball- Director/Vision Mixer

Morgan Breeze-Producer/Graphics

Lewis Deacon- Director of Photography

Matthew Guthrie- Track and Jib Operator

Josef Hampson- Lighting

We also had additional help from 3 sound technician students Nathan Holley, Karl Blythe and Joe Blythe.


Under the Production Stages tab, you will be able to discover how we created the Sound Shack from start to finish and see all the stages involved.

You can also view all of the final produced videos under the Video Gallery tab.

Over the course of 3 days we filmed a variety of artists including Ian Lynn Palmer, Julia Abbott, Aled Evans, Elliot Bowen, Alex Jones, Josh Thomas, Nathan Holley, Joe Blythe and Karl Blythe.



Nathan Holley on the Sound Shack- We worked the week during the Sound Shack project both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. To both us the technicians and the other artist they conducted themselves in a friendly yet professional manner, which got the best out of us. The product created looks and sounds amazing. It was a pleasure to work with them.


Ian Lynn Palmer on the Sound Shack- The whole idea of combining two different media courses, film and music was fantastic. All parties involved gained the knowledge of shooting a mock up live gig. Such a learning experience for all, including myself. The students worked very hard to achieve the look using pallets with back lighting to give that rustic feel, and the end result is so professional, everyone should give themselves a pat on the back.


Julia Abbott on the Sound Shack– I had a really great experience working with the Media team on their Sound Shack project. They were helpful when I wanted to use my in ear monitors for the performance and set up a wireless pack so I was able to do so. They were also very patient when Aled and myself took eight takes to be happy with our recording. I’ve got a really professional video that I can now use from promotion of my singing and I’m really pleased with the amazing job they’ve done.


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