Controlling the Audio

Nathan Holley, Joe Blythe & Karl Blythe- Sound Technicians

With the need for assistance controlling the audio produced in the Sound Shack. We requested the assistance of 3 sound technician students to accompany us on the project.

As these students focussed purely on the quality of the sound that we wanted to achieve, we knew that this would make for an overall higher quality product for the artists. They used a mixture of our equipment such as microphones and mic stands. However, they also brought their own mixing table, amps and cables from the music department.

During the live shows, as well as live mixing the sound and feeding it into the Black Magic ATEM Production Studio 4K, they also completed a back up mix using their audio software.



Nathan Holley on the Sound Shack- We worked the week during the Sound Shack project both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. To both us the technicians and the other artist they conducted themselves in a friendly yet professional manner, which got the best out of us. The product created looks and sounds amazing. It was a pleasure to work with them.


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