Designing the Lighting

Josef Hampson -Lighting

When it came to designing the lighting rig for the sound shack, it was important that the set lights and the studio lights could be controlled separately without affecting one another. A total of 24 lights where used for the production. The studio lights where used to light the acts and was set up so that either a solo act, duet, or ‘band’ could perform and could be individually set up with very little movement in the lights, saving time during production.

Lighting Rig Design

There were several lights used purely for decoration. 4 light was set up in the background of the set, to flair down the camera shots to make them more creative. These lights were also able to change colour depending on mood of the song and to match the other lights lighting the set. A couple other lights was used just to light the monitors for the artists, purely to just kiss a little light just so they didn’t look to dark on screen.


The set lights where designed hand in hand with the set. On certain pallets, we used spun then pointed a light behind it to create a ‘light panel’ which became quite effective. This enabled me to then change the colours of the set for each and every song.

I was heavily influenced by similar formats such as ‘Radio 1’s live lounge’, ‘Capitals live sessions’ and also ‘big’ chat show performances such as ‘The Jonathon ross show’ and ‘The Graham Norton Show’


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