Creating the Set

After we returned home from Bristol Childrens Scrapstore, we sorted through our new props and started to play with them to see how they would fit into our set design. We played with the ideas of vertical planks of wood creating the look of palettes and industrial looking pipes going into the floor. Once we had decided that we liked the idea of the vertical planks of wood, we were able to source palettes for collection and bring them back to the studio to start creating our set.

After we had collected the palettes, we all started arranging them in different designs so that we were able to decide in what position they looked best. Once we had agreed on the design, a wall of palettes, a coloured box and hanging palettes, we nailed them into place using A frames to keep them upright.

After 3 days of joining and hanging palettes, the set started to look like it was coming together. However, we were on the search for more props to give the design more substance. Upon talking to one of our music tutors,  he informed us that there was old music equipment being stored in one of the storage rooms. After seeing the equipment, we knew that this would fit well into our set and moved them into our studio.

The equipment included old speakers, a tape recorder machine with reels of tape, a monitor and an amp head. However, with the inclusion of these items, it took us away from our original industrial theme and led us more towards a rustic retro vibe. Once we believed that the base of the set design was complete, we decided to add a logo to the set, in order to give it a bigger sense of identity. We did this by gluing cut planks of wood onto a base board. Then tracing on the image of the logo and painting it on using black and white masonry paint.







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