Shooting the Videos

D.O.P- Lewis Deacon


Camera Plan-


Camera Operators-

Morgan Breeze- Camera 1

Shots- Mid, CU, Pan, Tilt, Static

Desc- Predominantly static shots of attributes such as the bass player, keyboard, and third artist. Not often moving the camera through slight planning and tilting at some points.


Josef Hampton- Camera 2

Shots- Mid, CU, Slide, Static

Desc- Sliding shots of artists to make the audience feel like they are being drawn into the artist during an expressive moment during the song.


Lewis Deacon- Camera 3

Shots- Wide, Mid, Static

Desc- Pull focus at the start/end of song used to show the whole set in shot straight on. Additional to this it can be used as a ‘safety shot’.


Lewis Deacon- Camera 4

Shots- CU, Slide, Static

Desc- Close ups of the lead and backing artists/instrumentalists with depth of field and slow sliding shots to emphasise the artists emotional state. By having the close up, the audience should be drawn into the subjects personal space and share their feelings.


Matt Guthrie- Camera 5

Shots- Wide, High, Mid, Low, Track Forward/Backwards, Static

Desc- The camera is on a tracking and jib system in which it can move forwards/backwards, raise up/down and move left/right. The point of this set up is to capture the unique angles that the cameras can’t do, such as a wide high shot looking down on the artists performing and capturing most of the set in the shot.



Camera 1-


Camera 2-


Camera 3-


Camera 4-


Camera 5-





Lenses will switch for cameras 1, 2 and 5 for certain shoots due to number of artists performing and positioning.


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