Track and Jib Operation

Matt Guthrie Camera operator

Track and Jib camera

Using the track and jib mounted camera gives great versatility with the variety of shots it is capable of achieving.

With the camera being able to move on multiple axis at the same time as well as being used as a static camera, practicing its movements in an array of combinations is vital.

Calibrating the weight of the camera and lens to ensure the jib function works to its full ability is essential.

The versatility of using both track and jib movements provides angles that a tripod or tripod and slider cannot provide. Such as high to low with camera tilt,, forward and pan backward with pan and tilt , the list goes on. But with the movement aside, the jib and track can also be used as a static camera, also allowing multiple angles and positions with ease. With the camera also having its own tilt mount, the ability to tilt up or down with the jib arm and then also with camera, allows you to create a movement whilst keeping the focus on the same area.

My main aim is create shots of both movement and static to add to the artistry of a music video within a studio environment that a tripod or slider cannot achieve.


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