Vision Mixing with Black Magic

Daniel Ball- Director/Vision Mixer One aspect of our live project was Vision Mixing the cameras together. Vision mixing is the process of mixing the cameras live by cutting between them throughout the performances similar to live tv shows. All the cameras were connected to the Black Magic ATEM Production Studio 4K desk in the studio... Continue Reading →


Track and Jib Operation

Matt Guthrie Camera operator Track and Jib camera Using the track and jib mounted camera gives great versatility with the variety of shots it is capable of achieving. With the camera being able to move on multiple axis at the same time as well as being used as a static camera, practicing its movements in... Continue Reading →

Shooting the Videos

D.O.P- Lewis Deacon   Camera Plan-   Camera Operators- Morgan Breeze- Camera 1 Shots- Mid, CU, Pan, Tilt, Static Desc- Predominantly static shots of attributes such as the bass player, keyboard, and third artist. Not often moving the camera through slight planning and tilting at some points.   Josef Hampton- Camera 2 Shots- Mid, CU,... Continue Reading →

Designing the Lighting

Josef Hampson -Lighting When it came to designing the lighting rig for the sound shack, it was important that the set lights and the studio lights could be controlled separately without affecting one another. A total of 24 lights where used for the production. The studio lights where used to light the acts and was... Continue Reading →

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